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School of Cybersecurity (SCS)

1) Division of Information Security
 - Department of Cyber Defense

Deprtment of Cyber Defense at Korea University is a contracted department established with help of the Ministry of National Defense for training top 1% cyber security officers. Students are funded a 4 year full scholarship, and after graduation, they will work for cyber defense (for example, Cyber Command) as a officer during a certain period.

The goal of Dept. of Cyber Defense is to foster the highest cyber officers who can protect the Korea from cyber terrors and cyber wars. For this, best professors, best facilities, best curriculum and diverse benefits are offered.


2) Graduate School of Information Security
  - Department of Information Security

Department of Information Security at Korea University opens classes for the study on information security and trained information security experts who combine a high-theory and an executive ability.

This department contributes to the national operating system related to information security, the safe internet environment and u-IT technology by the research and the development of information security, laws and policy on information security.

Alumni and alumnae from our department are working at research centers of government such as Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA), Financial Security Agency (FSA), leading companies such as Samsung co., LG co., Law Firm, National Police Agency and etc.

There is Samsung Track in Dept. of Information Security, which is a hiring conditional training course aiming for the cultivation of experts equipped with knowledge and capabilities in the field of Information protection technology and information protection policies.

Graduates of Samsung Track will work in Samsung SDS for a compulsory four years.


 - Department of Financial Security

MKE (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) founded Department of Financial Security with contractual obligations to train security experts of the financial field. This department is widely dealing with cryptology related Finance such as e-Commerce, e-Banking and adoptable applications (OTP, Smartphone, etc).

Members of dept. Financial Security were funded a 4-semester full scholarship by consortium companies. Instead of this benefit, members should be mandatory in the enterprises in two years after graduation.

There is Financial Security Policy Track for retraining the employees working in financial fields in Dept. of Financial Security.



 - Department of Digital Forensics

As state-of-the-art IT technology is rapidly changing and digital media becomes important more and more, needs for specialty of digital forensics is increasing in diverse field from criminal investigation to civil suit.

The Department of Digital Forensics has been opened for the National Police members as customized master course and they take classes with criminal law, forensic science, engineering.

By providing specialized and systematic education throughout the digital forensics covering IT policy and technology, the department sets the goal on training high-skilled digital forensics experts for the investigation agency.


 - Department of Cyber Security

School of Information Security at Korea University has opened the department of Cyber Security for public officers under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy so that it may foster chief management & security administrators likely to lead cyber safety-specialized organizations. The dept. of Cyber Security intensively teaches students systematically risk management, security control, cyber-attack confrontation and smart grid security and so on, and by breaking out of the existing theory-centered education and aiming at scene-centered customized education, it has set a goal of fostering chief information security administrators likely to improve the national level of cyber security further.


 - Department of Cyber National Security

Department of Cyber National Security is for retraining the employees working in the Cyber Warfare Command. The aims of this department are to produce human resources in the field of cyber-attack and defense equipped with professional knowledge and technological capabilities required in cyber warfare.


 - Department of Big Data Application and Security

Department of Big Data Application and Security is for retraining average workers in the era where big data analysis capabilities are considered as an asset with an increase in various unstructured data. The aims of this department are to produce professionals equipped with big data analysis abilities, interworking capabilities utilizing analysis results and collected data protection capabilities.


3) Graduate School
 - Department of Cyber Defense

Department of Cyber Defense is divided into two majors: Cyber Defense Policy and Cyber Warfare. Through customized training courses, it aims to cultivate professionals capable of protecting the Republic of Korea from cyber terror and threats.